Reform of child care: local development in Alytus district municipality, 2005–2006

Dalė Kabašinskaitė


Since governmental policy was not able to provide child care reform municipalities had taken initiatives in launching foster care services. The aim of this article is to analyse the process of implementation of foster care services in Alytus district municipality. The analysis is based on the theory and practice of local development, which suggest for problem solving “bottom-up” approach as a mean of involving local people in the formulation and delivery of policy. A case of local development in Alytus district I analyse by applying participation action research method.
The analysis of the process of local development launching foster care services has demonstrated that there is necessary to combine both “bottom-up” and “top-down” approaches. Partnership as a mean for development is a suitable practice for child care reform. The application of this practice creates an environment for more active involvement in discussions of different actors and helps in changing attitudes to child care. It promotes establishment of democratic structures as a guaranty for sustainable development and durability.


local development; partnership; implementation of innovations; child care; participation action research

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