Image of sociologist in Lithuanian society: demand and supply of professionals

Vida Česnuitytė


In order to see dominated imaginations about sociologist profession among Lithuanian employers interviews with 500 participants of the labour market were performed in April–June, 2007. In this paper author of the survey presents part of results related to te imagines about supply and demand of professional sociologists in Lithuania. Part of the society represented in the survey is well-disposed in regarding to the activity of sociologists. It was discovered favourable assessment of the production and services giving to the society and separate enterprises by the sociologists. However society is lacking information about profession of sociologist, nature of professional activity of sociologist, possibilities to study this profession in Lithuania, supply of professionals in the labour market of the country. Respondents expressed definite wish to know more about sociologist profession and to see it more prestigious and valued in the labour market and society in the future.


profession of sociologist; supply and demand of professional sociologists in labour market

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