Relation of employees’ intent to quit and job satisfaction in Lithuania

Rasa Pilkauskaitė Valickienė, Andrius Valickas, Beata Sinkievič


The aim of this work is to set an interconnection between the intent to quit and employees’ job satisfaction. The key objective of this research is investigation of links between the level of satisfaction in one’s job and certain aspects of such satisfaction and intent to change one’s job.
The research has been implemented using the questionnaire, which was evaluated by the experts. Investigated persons (N=374) were working but looking for a new job users of a job search website.
It has been established that one’s intent to quit has a strong reciprocal relation with job satisfaction, as well as satisfaction in separate job factors, such as satisfaction in career prospects, salary/wages, possibilities for self-expression, job diversity, leadership, job intensity, subjective corporate image.
According to the research results, one’s intent to quit is negatively related to corporate loyalty factors, such as taking care of staff members, possibilities of self expression and correct assessment.


job satisfaction; intent to quit; quitting motives; job searchers

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