Efficiency of activity of voluntary organizations: a case of Lithuanian rural community organizations

Rūta Žiliukaitė


The article aims to present analysis of factors determining efficiency of rural community organizations in Lithuania. The last several years have witnessed a tremendous growth of a number of rural community organizations in Lithuania. These organizations may play a crucial role in tackling social exclusion of rural population. Using data of survey conducted by a group of researchers from Initiative of Open Society Fund of Lithuania „Towards Digital Communities“ and Social Study Centre of Vilnius University in 2004, the author of the article briefly describes goals of activity of rural community organizations and reveals how successful these organizations are in mobilizing local population for collective activity and how the efficiency of organization is determined by human capital and social capital of organization.


Lithuania; rural community organizations; social capital; efficiency of voluntary associations

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"Social Work" ISSN online 2029-2775 / ISSN print 1648-4789