Innovations in social police and practice

Rita Bandzevičienė


This paper examines the notion of innovation in contexts of policy learning and improving of social services. The study covered issues such as following: definitions of innovation, the incentives, facilitating and hindering forces to innovation, expected consequences and beneficiaries, problems of success evaluation, etc.
The structured data was sought from knowledgeable agents or key actors of social policy of Lithuania. 15 respondents from organizations of three levels – Parliament, Ministry of Social Security and Labour, Municipality of Vilnius – were interviewed through semi-structured interview. Structure of the interviews and questions were prepared within the framework of EU project PUBLIN.
The summary of interviews was prepared trying to stay as close as it was possible “to people’s voices“ and it gives us inductively selected points of view and beliefs which are conceptualized by issue of questions related with 10 topics.
The qualitative summary of interviews let us to highlight the issues mentioned above and some findings regarding development of innovations on the level of policy and in organizations of national social sector.


notion of innovation; development of innovation; social police; learning

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