Standpoint to the effectiveness of the governmental aid for the family

Gediminas Navaitis


The results of the research disclosed the discrepancies in the standpoints of the respondents to the governmental aid for the family. The contradictions are typical of the respondents’ answers. During the research the great reliance on the government as the organ of the power showed up which is able to change the life of a particular family. The most desirable way of aid is monetary support. But only after having combined the means of aid complexly it will be possible to establish the effective system of the support for the family.
The aid of the government for the family is the whole of monetary allowances, compensations and social services whose aims to encourage and help the families to perform their functions, to solve the arising problems independently, to ensure the safe conditions for the functioning of the families. The family aid system touches most of Lithuanian families: some families get allowances, other get services. So it is very important to ascertain the standpoints of the families to the means of the governmental aid and to its effectiveness.
The results of the research reveal the standpoints of the respondents to the effectiveness of the aid of the government as to the guarantee of the stability and security of the family; the constant source of revenue; the factor able to influence the birthrate; the necessary source of aid after the birth of a child.


family; state aid; standpoint

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