Grieving children’s socialization: a brief educational research review

Tomas Butvilas


Regarding to the context of globalization and various losses that people experience, the socialization specific of children (age 7–11) who have experienced loss in the family was explored in this research. The main socio-moral values, that make the values’ internalization content as the basis of socialization, were identified. The peculiarities of values’ interception on the basis of behavior and emotions were set as well. Also the differences and similarities were stressed among the grieving and non-grieving children’s values internalization mechanisms. The survey has revealed both external and internal factors that may influence socialization processes for such children. Among external ones would be the experienced loss in the family, child’s status in the class, teacher’s attitude towards the child’s experienced loss, and educational help character. Among internal ones – child’s need to satisfy self identification through his/her attitude towards the experienced loss within family, towards the school, his/her status in the class, and self.


loss; grieving children; socialization; value internalization

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