Families of Social Risk Problems: Pegėgiai Municipality Case Study

Jūratė Guščinskienė, Gita Kondrotaitė


The article is based on the analysis of literature and empirical research data; it analyses the situation of social risk families in nowadays Lithuania. In Lithuania, the main social element of the public, the family, is endangered. Thousands of children are morally and physically hurt in dysfunctional families, children starve, go begging, do not attend school, etc. The authors of the article show, how social changes in the society influence the life of social risk families. This article also presents a theoretical analysis of social risk families. There is a wider analysis of the roles of family members based on the Role Theory by E. Goffman.
The aim of this article is to analyse the problems of social risk families.
Goals of the article are as follows: to characterize a social risk family; to analyse social risk families based on the Role Theory by E. Goffman; to analyse the spread of social risk families in Lithuania and to survey the situation of social risk families in Pagėgiai.


families of social risk; children of social risk families; Role Theory by E. Goffman

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