Psychological Evaluation of Children’s Living in Foster Home Juridical Status

Viktoras Justickis, Eglė Ramanauskaitė


This article describes the psychological opportunities of children‘s from foster home juridical status realization. Psychological obstacles of juridical status comprehensive implement are psychological microclimate of foster home, educators‘ behavior with children, disadvantages in their proffesional, competence area, their wrong perception of children‘s rights and duties and also psychological characteristics of respondents. 105 children from four foster home of Tauragė district in Lithuania were participating in scientific research. The basic point of the research was to accomplish psychological evaluation of children‘s living in foster home juridical status.
Three hypotheses were tested during statistical processing of data. This research let us confirm, that children’s from foster home cognitive understanding of their rights and duties isn’t absolutely correct. In some cases respondent perceive their juridical status wrongly. Hypothesis, that children from foster home evaluate their juridical status negatively and pessimistically wasn’t affirmed. The research has shown contrary results. Respondents assess their psychological – juridical position positively. The other point was to find the correlation between children’s and subjective evaluation of their juridical status in the institution. There was found relative statistical dependence between these factors. Hypothesis was confirmed partly. According to the results of factorial analysis, two statistically independent components defining children’s cognitive understanding of their rights and duties were found. It is social self-esteem and asocial self-esteem. Both of these components can be subsistent for each child.


children from foster home; juridical status; psychological evaluation; abstract and concrete perception of children‘s rights and duties; subjective evaluation of children‘s juridical status

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