Work’s Foremen in Polish Enterprises towards New Socioeconomic Challenges

Dorota Frasunkiewicz


To show internal and external sources of workaholism afflicting inhabitants of the economically backward area of Poland (North-East region) , who have found themselves in the new social and economic situation (after the constitutional transformation).
The main research, in which a questionnaire method was employed, were conducted in 2005 on a sample of 450 workaholics, who had been appointed during the pilot research. The respondents were selected from three types of firms: small private enterprises, branches of concerns and corporations, taking into consideration the criterion of position.
In the economically backward region workaholics are characterized by a high enthusiasm for ten to fourteen hours-long work. It is determined by internal compulsion but also brings a lot of pleasure and therefore strengthens their self-esteem. Workaholics’ behaviors are a result of compilation of personal features (satisfying of many needs in a work place, perfectionism), which development is supported by very demanding style of upbringing, common in Poland. The behaviors are also caused by the new situation which has arisen after the transformation from socialist into capitalist political system (organizational culture of firms, new ethos of laboriousness).
Research limitations
Owing to formal reasons (lack of proper researches) more detailed information and comparative considerations about the occurrence of workaholism in the period before the constitutional changes, which could have enriched significantly the received view, were not placed in the article. Moreover, psychological investigation was not applied towards the research group by virtue of the adopted sociological perspective.
The article shows the occurrence of workaholism not only as a consequence of personal features of individuals, but also as a result of social demand for the new lifestyle which has come to exist along with the new socioeconomic situation of the country.


Workaholism’s sources; Aims and aspirations of workaholics; Workaholics’ needs; Workaholics’ behaviors; Organizational culture; Private and working life of workaholics

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