Phenomenon of Co-Ordination and Evaluation in the Context of Project „Occupational Center for Youth Having Psychical Problems“

Polina Šedienė, Ilona Skridlaitė


The establishment and implementation of purposeful innovative project for the groups in social exclusion is one of the methods for decreasing social exclusion in community. Systematical analysis of innovative projects is needed for their continuum. Phenomenon of project co-ordination and evaluation were discovered as findings of qualitative evaluation research. Project co-ordination phenomenon analysis presents the competence of social worker – project co-ordinator. There is analyzed coordination of human, financial and material resources and discussed how to use social work knowledge, values and skills in co-ordination process. The project evaluation phenomenon reflects the experience of social worker – project evaluator. Evaluator roles in the evaluation process reveals the competence of social worker – evaluator.


project; co-ordination; evaluation research; competence of social worker

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