Christian social security

Juozas Tartilas


Christian social security is a wide theme based on human morality which has got lots of evaluations and interpretations. The initial source for analysing this issue is the Holy Scripture, the rest of it is solely the interpretations and comments of different researchers. The latter are also of great importance as they testify the practical application of both Christ’s teaching and Christian morality in human life.
Many philosophers, theologians, social workers and politicians at all times have based their Christian positions and comments on Holy Scripture, that is why the Christian social approach is so complicated to reveal.
The present article refers to the thesis”Christian Social Teaching” by Joseph Höffner and the attitude of Antanas Maceina to the social problems of mankind and their solution in the Christian manner.
The article goes through the basic principles of social teaching, the evaluation of work for society and the enhancement of individual human relations with society. The reasoning of Antanas Maceina states the view of solving the problems of the mankind due to the evolutions and reforms starting inside the human sole and afterwards implementing into the state political system.


social teaching; autonomy; commonweal; social problem

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