Importance of education of pre-school children social competences in education process

Daiva Malinauskienė


Within this article we reveal the problem of pre-school children maturity and preparation for school. We live in a social world, yet there is a little evidence that most of us know how to analyse social experiences and how to improve social skills. Pre-school education institutions ideally should be places where both staff and children are very much aware of what is happening at each point of social interpretation. And very much alert to the role this interaction plays in helping individuals to formulate and build their own social capabilities. The research is based on pre-school children competences necessary for upbringing and educating them at school. Special attention and concern is given to children social competences and their level estimation. The competences of pre-school children are developed through reality, encouraging children to make experiments by themselves, to acquaint with social environment, to make new achievements, to create and to discover new social situations.
Pre-school education (children maturity for school) must be organized and developed in such a way that its goals, contents, organization forms, technologies, upbringing methods realized and revealed every child’s social capabilities and strategies.
The researches of pre-school age children social competences level were set in order to reveal the development of pre-school children social competences in education process. It the research took places 105 six-year-old children of Šiauliai city and region pre-school institutions. The children for the research were taken accidentally, but it was planned in advance to take equally girls and boys.
In order to estimate the social competence of children and to find out its levels, was necessary to examine such children social orientations as ability to tell name and surname, to find living place, to evaluate personal and friend’s features, to describe the games they play, to understand other children mood, etc.
The results of pre-school children maturity for school research prove that children in city and in region have different social competence levels. During the same period of upbringing process, pre-school children in the city reach higher level than children in the region.


pre-school education; social competence; pre-school children

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