Social security and the alternative of new public management

Arvydas Guogis


The article deals with global social security situation in general and situation in Lithuania in particular. It also analyses the implementation of New Public management in Western and Lithuanian social administration. There are compared social security paradigms and in relation to that a brief comparison of social policy models is made. Economical, political and social change conditions in the end of last century form theoretical background for new – “active social policy“ and New Public Management paradigms. The significance of New Public Management in social administration is stressed. Final social reintegration, not only the benefits are the aim of this new policy. The author reveals some elements of New Public Management in the West and Lithuania and poses a question about further opportunities of New Public Management implementation. Besides many quantitative surveys and research conducted by various authors, mainly qualitative analysis is used in the article by the author.


globalisation; New Public Management; social policy; social security

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