Evidence-based social interventions. a new ideology or an ethical imperative? Relevance to Lithuania

Ann Buchanan


This paper reviews the rapid development of Evidence-Based Social Work and Social Policy. It highlights the role of Oxford, the home of The Cochrane Collaboration and the new course in Evidence-Based Social Work at the University in this movement. In defining ‘evidence-based social work’, it describes the history of ‘harm’ associated with well-meaning social interventions that we should seek to avoid. Processes that have to be undertaken in order to develop evidence-based practice are outlined. The paper concludes that evidencebased policy and practice is more than an exciting new ideology. It is an ethical imperative for all societies that are democratically elected, espouse to uphold human rights and promote social justice.


social work; social policy; systematic review; evidence-based activity; evidence-based interventions; evidence-based social policy; evidence-based social work

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