Males’ attitudes toward masculinity dispersion in the family

Gediminas Navaitis


The findings of this study were obtained during the investigation of Lithuanian males’ attitudes toward masculinity at 2004. The data was collected by standardized interview method, and 1376 males were interviewed as well.
Masculinity could be related with social norms and rules, with economic background, with sexuality and body’s cognition, and there could be a few conceptions of masculinity in the society, therefore the participants have had the possibility to evaluate their masculinity as the characteristic feature.
The results of this research revealed the fact that majority (77,1 %) of participants, when describing the husband’s role, were speaking about care and provision for family. It means, that in most cases were picked out the financial and instrumental aspects of masculinity.
1075 of participants (78,1 %) said they satisfy the requirements for husbands totally or partly. Those living in the family with original structure (for example, where wife have had university education and husband college education, wife have had higher incomes and husband have had never taking decisions) said that they do not satisfy the requirements for husbands – by the way, formulated by themselves – at all.
Overall, the results of the research disclose the male problems in our society as well as their attitudes toward masculinity.


masculinity; attitudes; standardized interview

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