The problems of social adaptation of children in families abusing alcohol

Neringa Kubilienė


Depending on a statistics every ninth citizen of Lithuania is dependent on alcohol. Even if studies researched the problem of alcoholism for a while, problems of members of their families were ignored, noticed and discussed just in the last few decades. The biggest effect the consequences on alcoholism is for kids and spouses of the alcoholics.
According to the data of the research "Social adaptation of children of alcoholics" specific features of the alcoholic family, the rules that exist in it are revealed, kids attitudes towards his family, kids role in the family are analysed through children subjective experiences.
Children raised in such families are constantly feeling inner pressure, instability, helplessness, fair, guilt, shame and despair. Their needs are ignored, constant stress and painful experiences follow, rude situations are influencing formation of personality, self-confidence and social adaptation.


alcoholism addiction; dysfunctional family; social adaptation; alcoholism; code-pendency; dysfunctional family

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