Juveniles’ in conflict with the law and secondary school students’ perceptions of their rights

Vilma Živilė Jonynienė, Rolanda Černiauskienė


Rresearch focuses on investigation and comparison of pro–social and delinquent children’s opinions on children’s rights realities.
The purpose of the research was to study and compare the attitudes of 15–18 years old convicted juveniles and secondary school students with regard to the children’s rights. In 1998, 607 16–18 years old Lithuanian students were questioned using a closed type questionnaires with 21 question prepared with reference to UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, by International School Psychology Association, ISPA.
In 2002, 104 children in Juvenile Interrogation Isolator–Penitentiary (JIF–P) in Lithuania were questioned using the same questionnaire of 21 questions about children’s rights and an open type question related on delinquent behaviour prevention was included.
Results show that boys from JIF–P institution answering the questions about their situation at home in line with the rights of the child, give very good, not adequate valuations for it. Most of all and much more than ordinary students of the same age (p<0,01) delinquent boys value possibility to be with people who love and care about them. They distinguish themselves by incuriosity for information and participation in decision–making – the crucial things that promote democratic features of a personality and successful development in modern society.
According to delinquent children parents wishing to prevent child delinquent behaviour should: 1) talk with a child, 2) control with the clear demands, 3) to make them be busy from the early childhood, 4) change of living place when it’s needed for a child and with his/her consent.


children’s rights; juveniles in conflict with the law; secondary school students; juvenile correctional works facility; delinquency prevention

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