Mediation styles: comparative analysis

Jolanta Sondaitė


Mediation is an alternative to traditional legal conflict resolution forms. This alternative dispute resolution process is widely used in USA, Canada and many European countries. Mediation is just starting to be used in Lithuania, so it is important to know variety of different mediation styles.
In this article we made an attempt to analyse primary mediation styles that are in popular use today: facilitative, evaluative, transformative, narrative and those mediation styles which are distinquished on a basis of research: pragmatic, socioemotional, mixed and others. Analysis of literature shows that the role of the mediator variates from directive, evaluative, suggesting solutions to helping parties find solutions themselves. The main purpose of the mediation is not always to find mutualy acceptable solutions. The most important purpose might be to achieve mutual understanding of the parties.


alternative dispute resolution; mediation; mediator

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