State pensions, their social evaluation and prospects

Juozas Tartilas


State pensions make up an integral part of the Lithuanian citizens’ pension provision. For the significant contributions in establishing the statehood, independence and democracy of Lithuania, developments in the fields of art, literature and sports, in entrenching legal principles and protecting them, the following state pensions have been established: the state pension to the President of the Republic of Lithuania, first and second degree pensions of the Republic of Lithuania, state pension to persons who are victims; state pensions to officials and military pensonnel and state pensions for lawyers.
Political scientists and sociologists often discuss weather it is purposeful to award state pensions, seemingly, establishing privileges of different public characters and representatives of different professions and categories. The motivation to that was that no pensions of similar kind exist in countries of Western Europe.
The globally acknowledged propositions of social security law have indicated that the experience of other countries cannot be automatically applied in solving social security problems of a particular country. Each country is unique in its economic development, political structure, demographic situation, geopolitical situation etc. Considering these characteristics, the pensions of the kind cannot be refused only for the fact that they are not popular in foreign countries.
The Law on State Pensions of the Republic of Lithuania provides that individuals, who have been adjudged by the court to have been guilty of perpetrating a premeditated crime, shall have the right to the state pension award stripped or discontinued, if it had been already awarded. The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania has solved that the pension is already earned by the individual and he cannot be deprived of it. Such an explanation is provided in the case or state pension award to officials and military personnel. We think that the analogue should be adopted for other state pensions as well.


Social Security; Social Maintenance; Work Record

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