Homeless people in Lithuania: living conditions

Vida Kanopienė, Sarmitė Mikulionienė


Lack of access to adequate housing or accommodation is a significant factor in increasing isolation and exclusion and should be perceived as a major problem requires developing appropriate preventive and curative policy responses.
According to the 2001 Population Census data, 1250 Lithuanian inhabitants were considered homeless. These data do not reveal the scope of this phenomenon because they are based on the „narrow“ definition of homelessness.
The article aims to discuss the theoretical concept of homelessness and to give a socio–demographic profile of homeless people in Lithuania, basing on the results of sociological survey, conducted in 2003. The circumstances and reasons of the loss of housing, living conditions, incomes and nutrition of various groups of homeless are analysed.


Concept of Homelessness; Social Exclusion; Lodging; Living Conditions; Shelter for the Night

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