Homeless people in Lithuania: behaviour and attitudes

Vida Kanopienė, Sarmitė Mikulionienė


There is a growing recognition that homelessness is experienced as a process rather than simply as a „situation“ or a consequence of certain circumstances. During their „career“ the homeless people live in shelters, hostels, sleep rough, share lodging with their friends or relatives - they have different experiences as their incomes, living places, social relations change. Homelessness impacts on many aspects of people’s life. In order to gain more knowledge about this phenomenon it is important to identify the life events which cause positive or negative changes. The mode of life of homeless, their attitudes towards present situation and the future prospects should be an area of particular concern.
Various aspects of behaviour of homeless (health, alcohol-related issues, social relations) are discussed in the article, basing on the results of sociological survey of homeless people, conducted in 2003. The data on the attitudes towards future prospects are analysed, focusing on their willingness and motives to combat present situation of social exclusion.


Homelessness; Personal Evaluation of Health; Bad Habits; Social Relations; Future Expectations

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