Sociometric methods in family consulting

Gediminas Navaitis


The article deals with the usage of the sociometric methods in the family consulting. Such methods can help the family consulter to make the evaluation of family structure and family functioning, to ascertain the roles of family members, family cross-generation traditions and relations within society.
Sociometric methods can be used for clear disclosure of family relations, for rapid finding of family disorders and for the sufficient cause of family changes. The discussions were replaced with real actions. The family consulter is interested in concrete transaction between family members. The conditions to express the point of view must be created for all family members constantly.
The practical usage of family sociometry, genograms, social networks, cards of family roles is discussed and recommended in the article. The instructions for usage and examples of actual usage are presented in the article too.
The author states the usefulness of sociometric methods in family consulting, when the specific character of family problems rejects the super-rationality or super-emotionality in family discussions.
Conflict family members can be consulted by using sociometric methods, and difficulties can be overcome successfully.
In some cases the consultation with sociometric methods would create the basis for family growth: the family would estimate and perceive interrelations completely.


Family Consulting; Sociometric Methods‘ Sociometry; Genogram; Social Networks; Cards of Family Roles; Practical Usage of Sociometric Methods

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