Preparation of children‘s social care projects at special schools: management and law

Audronė Juodaitytė, Daiva Malinauskienė


Organizing projects of children’s social care in the dorms demands from principals and teachers new management, law skills and knowledge. Principals have to know the following: how to make school’s life more effective on the basis of projection work; what issues are the most important at the present time for schools; what is possible to change in more positive way in the school.
To make the management of projects successful it is important to know the internal and external determinants. One of them is – the legalese basis of educating children with special needs and their social care. That is why schools’ principals and teachers would have to analyze the documents of the Lithuanian Government and set how much important are the children with special needs, their education, and social care, and which of those fields are more or less emphasized. Making sure, that social care is less reasoned in those documents, schools’ principals should realize that and put their own efforts for dealing with it. For such an activity of special schools (dorms) the projects on children’s social care are very important. These projects demand from the principals a new understanding, ability to create legalese and management knowledge in the relation of theory and practice paradigms.


Social Care Projects; Special Boarding School; Law Base of Management

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