The relationship between social support and psychological adjustment of parents who have children with disability

Roma Jusienė, Lina Bagdonaitė


The relationships between different social support variables (related to family and community) and indicators of psychological adjustment of parents who have children with disability are explored in present article. Participants are 287 parents of children with physical, intellectual, sensorial systems and multiple disabilities. They answered the Questionnaire on Resources and Stress, short form, the Family Perception Questionnaire and the questions about the sources of social support.
The results show that support in family is a very important for better psychological adjustment of parents. Parents who get more support from spouse and have two or three healthy children are less depressed, less pessimistic, have fewer problems in family, point more positive aspects of having a child with disability. Parents who have a person who helps to take care of a child with disability also are of better psychological adjustment. However belonginess to communities of disabled people is related to parental psychological maladjustment. The possible reasons and guidelines for future investigations are discussed.


children with disability; psychological adjustment; social support

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