Changes of drug using among pupils of various age in dependence of their health state evaluation

Antanas Goštautas, Laura Šeibokaitė


The main goal of this article was to evaluate the dynamic of connection between self-rated health indicators and tobacco, alcohol and drug consumption during secondary school age.
Data on the object of our research were gathered from 1470 girls and 1341 boys between 5th and 12th grade.
The data showed that healthier and less healthy boys are similar according their tobacco consuming between 5th and 12th grade. Less healthy girls smoke more frequently than their more healthy peers. In grades 5–8 less healthy boys consume alcoholic beverages more frequently than more healthy ones. There are no connection between alcohol consuming and self-rated health for both girls and 9th and 12th grade boys. There is no difference observed in consumption of other type of drugs according to different point of view towards health between pupils. Less healthy girls consume more frequently other kind of drugs than more healthy peers do at 8–9 grades.


self-rated health; tobacco; alcohol and drug consumption

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