Limits of making social policy

Danutė Milevičienė


Social changes become essential during considerable transformations of all the society. The social position of a human being changes too. A lot of and in the same time huge risk problems arise during the time of reformation. Social security becomes more and more important in the growing democratic society.
The group of circumstances, existing on a national and international level, has an effect upon making social policy. Social development in the state goes on in the context of different realia and limits: ideological, economical, geographical, historical, cultural and others. Therefore, models of social security should be chosen and implemented. There are no universal and ideal variants of social policy. In forming social policy attention should be paid to globalization. The agendas of social policy are under the influence of international level problems: the surrounding pollution, aging, drugs, AIDS, etc. National agendas of social policy in the process of globalization are becoming more and more global, but the process of decision-making and implementation remains in the competence of the state.
In the growing democratic society there is a wide spectrum of social changes and their huge non-determination. There are needs arising for deepening of theoretical understanding related to the existing processes, increasing the research, prediction of the evolution of social changes and their consequences.


social position; social stratification; social policy; social protection; social security; model of social policy

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