Influence of ngo in providing social services

Irena Zaleskienė, Laima Rutkauskienė


The authors of the article deal with the development of NGO in the countries of European Union as well as in the independent Lithuania. The role, main functions, principles of activities and typology of NGO are analysed. The authors present the reseach which was carried out in Alytus (22 NGO, which provide social services and 7 members of governmental bodies did participate in this reseach). The field of cooperation between NGO and self governmental institution in the region was reseached. The data did show the main problems (the lack of material support, pourly developed skills of management, lack of experiences if providing services, ect.) with which NGO are facing in Alytus. The main conclusions (most frequently NGO are involved in education and consultative activities) and trends for improvement cooperation (developments of joint projects, separation of functions, ect.) between NGO and self governmet institutions are developed and presented in the article. These concusions are based on the data coming from authors reseach study mentioned above.


Non Governmental Organisation (NGO); social services; cooperation

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