Sexual problems of disabled adolescents

Violeta Vaicekauskienė


In this work normalization principles on which basis is organized the life of disabled adolescent are discussed. According this it includes satisfying of sexual demands and education. As important part in this work the common and sexual development and the obstacle which disturb their development are analyzed.
There are presented two investigations in which the sexual demands of disabled adolescents and methods how there are displayed are discussed. The big part of this work is attaching great importance to personnel attitude.
In the first part of investigation sexual behavior of 27 disabled adolescent of Vilnius Pension are analyzed.
In the second part of investigation 80’s personnel attitude to sexual problems of three social institutions is presented. In this part obstacles which disturb to solve the sexual life problems of disabled are mentioned. Suggestions of disabled sexual education are presented as well.
In conclusion the landmarks of social work that can help to evaluate and educate the sexuality of disabled are recommended.


disabled adolescent; mental retardation; principle of normalization; sexual demands; attitude to sexuality of disabled; sexual behavior; sexual activity; expression of sexuality; social-sexual skills; sexual development; sexual education

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