Development of research object of the socio–educational work and the discourse of modern methodological attitudes

Irena Leliūgienė


This article analyses historical, social and political aspects of the research objects of socio–educational work in Western Europe according to German experience, which has old traditions of socio–educational work. The author shows how social changes in society influence and correct methodological aspect of the problems and object of socio–educational research.
The field of socio–educational work has been analysed as network of social relationships and changing practical activity. Knowledge and doctrines are getting significance in this network. This article discusses theoretical aspects of concepts of socio–educational work and modern methodology of research of socio–educational work.
The aim of this article is to analyse the socio–historical development of the research object of socio–educational work and to discuss discourse of modern methodological attitudes.
Goals of the article are as follows: to present the analysis of the development of socio–educational work research object and to show methodological problems of socio–educational work research in Scandinavian countries.

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