Ethical points in social work

Rimantas Tidikis


The article studies the ethical principles of social work that are being reflected in The Declaration of International Federation of Social Workers as well as in the Ethical Code of Lithuanian Social Workers. As the study reveals the content of both the documents is being based on obligations of social workers. This, in fact, means the ethics of social workers in practice being based on deontological tradition has been missing axiological reasoning which social workers exercise in everyday activity.
So the article tries to analyse the ideas of humaneness, love, sympathy, altruism, equality, tolerance and respect as the main guiding principles of social workers. It argues that more effective results may be achieved, closer relations with clients assured and deeper understanding as well as mutual trust attained when the above mentioned ethical principles are being applied consciously in social work practice.
Finally, the article recommends to supplement the obligatory oriented documents with the values that explain what is worth of pursuing or promoting in practice by social workers as well as their clients.

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