Classification of day care centers for the disabled

Laimutė Žalimienė


The aim of the research work is to collect data about the chosen indicators about day care centres for the disabled in Lithuania and to try to classify them according to the main characteristics of their activities. According to the results of the research work the practical experience of the active day care centres will be generalised and the classification of day care centres (a short, principal description of the activities of the main types of day care centres) will be given.
The activities of day care centres have been evaluated by two research methods: method of analysis of documents – descriptive method and method of non–standardised expert interrogatory. Inquest of the leaders of day care centres about the concrete practical results of the centres and their evaluation.
According to the number of clients, provided services, staff characteristics we can pick out such types of day care centres:
– specialised day care centres for disabled youth and adults;
– day care centres of club type for disabled adults;
– specialised day care centres for disabled children;
– day care centres of club type for disabled children;
– informative care centres for families.
For this research work has been only a review one, the given characteristics of various types of day care centres should be revised according to a larger amount of data.

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