Social aspects of students health

Antanas Butavičius, Antanas Janušauskas


The aim of the research carried out by us is to ascertain if the students know sufficiently about their health and care about it. Having employed a special questionnaire we researched the Law University of Lithuania Kaunas Police Faculty students’ attitude to health, analyzed their complaints and peculiarities of sickness rate. 276 students – 99 female and 177 male, i.e. 99,3 per cent of all the students who entered the University in 1998, participated in the research.
In accordance with the data of our research every second female student and every third male student have complaints about their health. Among the female students the complaints about the digestion system predominated; while male students were mostly concerned with the respiration and sensation systems. Only every third student evaluated his or her health as „excellent” and two thirds as „good”. The biggest part of students (86,2 per cent) treat their health seriously and are trying to care more about it. The respondents understand the principal harmful factors influencing health and are ready to change the irrational eating, smoking and alcohol use habits, as well as to increase the physical activeness. In all the groups virus pathology was prevailing.


students; attitude to health; complaints about health; health risk factors

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