Social characteristics of the students of Kaunas faculty of police at the law university of Lithuania

Antanas Janušauskas, Kęstutis Vitkauskas


The present research aimed at analyzing the social status of the students of Kaunas Police Faculty of Law University of Lithuania.
The social status (i.e. the education of the students and their parents, students’ marital status, etc.) of the students at Kaunas Police Faculty was research by asking the students to fill in a special questionnaire. Afterwards, the determined personal aspirations and types of temperament of the students were analyzed. 276 students – 99 female and 177 male, i.e. 99,3 per cent of all the students that entered the Faculty in 1998, took part in the research.
According to the data obtained by the research, 72 per cent of the students’ mothers and 59,8 per cent of the fathers are with university or specialized higher education. 95,3 per cent of all the investigated students have secondary education. The majority of the students that took part in the research (95,7 per cent) appeared to be single. Only 5,6 per cent of the male respondents had already served in the military service. Statistically the majority of the male students at Kaunas Police Faculty come from cities, while equal parts of female students come from cities and villages. Personal aspirations were determined among the 25,9 per cent of the investigated students (27 per cent among the female students and 25,3 per cent among the male students). From the point of view of personal temperament, sanguine and phlegmatic persons dominate among the students of both sexes.


students; education; personality accentuation; temperament

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