The Entrepreneurial Teacher Continuing Training: Important Aspects and Tendencies in Europe

Gintautė Žibėnienė


This article is about entrepreneurial teacher continuing training, important aspects and tendencies of entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship strategy and good practice examples of entrepreneurial teacher continuing training. The aim of this article is to present an actual aspect for entrepreneurial teacher continuing training, good practice, discuss entrepreneurship education tendencies in Europe, entrepreneurship education challenges. The research problem-there is no systematic analysis of the actual aspects of the development of entrepreneurship teachers’ continuing training. The research methods that were applied: review of literature and strategic documents, legislation analysis, content analysis. This paper deals with two main themes: entrepreneurship education tendencies in Europe, actual aspects for entrepreneurial teacher continuing training and good practices in entrepreneurial teacher continuing training. The article shows that entrepreneurship education is now a part of the national strategy in most countries, but the experience of European countries in the field of entrepreneurship is different. In many European countries (Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey) entrepreneurship education is included in their national programs, but it is not included in most initial teacher education and continuing professional development. The main problems in entrepreneurship education are embedding entrepreneurship into education and training, Curriculum development, entrepreneurial teacher continuing training, provision of methodological tools and professional development, partnership with the private sector. The best practices of entrepreneurial teacher continuing training are in the experiences of the United Kingdom, Norway, Austria, Belgium. These countries are examples of the best practices, because entrepreneurial teachers need systematic improvement of their qualifications, various study methods, forms and course levels for entrepreneurial teacher continuing training. It is emphasized that entrepreneurship teacher continuing training should be targeted, planned, and enabling teachers to develop their skills systematically in various continuing training courses, with innovative methods and with different duration and levels of courses. Targeted training centres for entrepreneurship in educating teachers can be universities, where entrepreneurship education and cooperation with business organizations is a priority. These are recommendations for the improvement of entrepreneurial teacher continuing training in Lithuania.


entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship education; entrepreneurial teacher; entrepreneurial teacher continuing training

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