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Modern education system is more focused on the development of learners’ mental intelligence and potential for economic productivity. However, the primary aim of education is neglected – to create conditions to develop persons as fully conscious and mature personalities with a strong character, stable value system, and revealed inner talents. The need for conscious self-development is formed, because the man is facing health problems and constant stress in modern society. The relevance of the problem becomes apparent by understanding that there is a lack of qualitative research revealing the concept of yoga as a holistic practice for conscious self-development. The main research question – what is typical for the experience of yoga as a holistic practice to conscious self-development of personality? The theoretical-philosophical basis for the study consists of the Eastern philosophy of education. The qualitative research using interpretative phenomenological elements has been carried out. The sample consisted of 12 research participants including 5 women and 7 men. Semi-structured and in-depth interviews were used in this study; data were processed basing on thematic analysis. The investigation has shown that yoga is a holistic practice for conscious self-development encompassing physical, mental and spiritual levels. Yoga is a form of self-knowledge and spiritual development aiming the formation of harmonious personality within improvement of health, development of consciousness, and the creation of spiritual relationship with yourself. It was found that yoga helps to achieve optimal results at the level of personality spiritual growth when the alert awareness is developed, intuition is amplified and when the subtle energetic power to know the unique human nature is mastered revealing inner talents and creative potential. For this purpose, skills of introspection, concentration and self-control are developed, also silencing the mind, listening to the sound, furthermore the methods of visualization and conscious reprogramming are applied. Meditation as the highest stage of yoga helps to make the strongest connection with the spiritual world by contact with the Cosmic Consciousness.


holistic conscious self-development, yoga, meditation.

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