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A head of a subdivision is a person responsible for subdivision activities in an institution. He or she performs administrative functions in an institution by supervising other employees’ work in order to reach aims of the institution. Management competencies is a combination of knowledge and skills, the ability to apply them under certain circumstances; it is the performance of management functions while considering the restrictions caused by surroundings and situation; it is the assurance of your work field, institution’s results. Object of the study - the subdivision head’s management competencies in healthcare institutions. Aim of the article - to reveal the structure of the subdivision head’s management competencies in healthcare institutions. The objectives set to reach the aim: 1) to define the subdivision head’s abilities and skills in healthcare institutions; 2) to identify the structure of subdivision head’s management competencies in healthcare institutions. Method of the study - analysis and synthesis, meta-analysis, information structuring and generalization of scientific literature and documents related to subdivision head’s performance in healthcare institutions. The reference was made to scientific literature and documents regulating healthcare activities to identify the structure of the subdivision head’s competencies. The above-mentioned head’s work is multidimensional and requiring different skills. The components of subdivision management functions in healthcare institutions are: 1) planning - the formation of institution’s aims and objectives; the selection and set of tools to reach the aims is the base for all other management functions; 2) organization (coordination could be accentuated separately) - the element of objective realization, i.e. the creation and integration of organizational structures as well as coordination of the staff actions; 3) management - the ability to affect, focus, influence the groups to reach the set aims; 4) control - the monitoring of employees’ work to identify any deviation from plans and to eliminate them. Components of competencies are knowledge, skills, personal qualities, values and experience. The concept of management competencies in scientific literature is related with disposing necessary management knowledge and how to apply it in practice. The structure of the subdivision head’s management competencies are made up of professional competencies: planning, organization, management, control, solutions to problems, work with information, strategic thinking, striving for results, the set of goals, delegation, change management, negotiation, motivation, conflict management, performance evaluation, organizational consciousness, creativity and innovation implementation, orientation towards modern news and technologies, quality assurance, work with staff; social competencies: verbal communication, convincing communication, listening skills, effective relationships, client (patient) oriented, empathy, cultural awareness, learning to learn, team formation and improvement, written communication, time management and personal competencies: self-confident, stress management, initiative, accuracy, determination, honesty, responsibility, flexibility, loyalty, self-control, achievement evaluation, the reach of personal goals. Health care institutions depend on management field and covers special abilities, communication skills, technical skills, psychological and behavior abilities.


a head of a subdivision, management competencies, healthcare.

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