Gintautė Žibėnienė, Jūratė Česnavičienė


The article presents a qualitative research – a questionnaire survey performed in 2018, which involved representatives of general education school management and teachers, as well as 7-12 grade gymnasium students and their parents. The current study is a part of the research “The Conception of School Community of General Education School Progress in terms of the Good School Concept”. The article addresses the scientific problem that the viewpoint of general education school community towards school progress as well as the perception of its dissemination are not sufficiently analysed. The following problembase issues are formulated: what is the attitude of school community towards factors reflecting school progress best of all, who should be informed about school progress and why? The research object is school progress and the dissemination of information about it from the viewpoint of general education school community. The aim of the research is to reveal features of school progress identified by general education school community and dissemination of information about it. The statistical analysis of the questionnaire survey was performed using software SPSS Statistics17.0. Pearson’s non-parametric chi-squared (χ2) test, which helps to identify the statistical independence of variables.
The research data reveals that personal maturity of pupils is the main feature of school progress. It is indicated by one-fourth of the participating teachers, students and their parents respectively. Learning outcomes corresponding to individual capabilities of every student is another important feature of school progress that is specified by onefourth of teachers and parents respectively. Nearly a fourth of students indicate continuous learning progress and their sport, art and creative achievements as an important feature of school progress. A half of the representatives of school administration and more than a third of teachers maintain that the main aim of disseminating information about school progress is an aspiration to make joint decisions by the school community regarding the improvement of school activity. Students and their parents associate it with the aim to provide information about the quality of student education and learning to the society.


school progress, teachers, students, school community

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