Integration Problems of Aliens Granted Asylum in Lithuania

Aistė Bartkevičienė, Rita Raudeliūnaitė


The article aims to reveal the internal and external integration problems of aliens granted asylum in the domains of employment, education, housing, health care and social relations. Mixed research strategy is used in the article: a questionnaire for aliens that were granted asylum and semi-structured interview with staff responsible for integration process implementation. The research included 52 aliens granted asylum and 5 employees. The research was conducted in 2011. The results revealed the individual problems of aliens, granted asylum, integrating into Lithuanian society: motivation, selfconfidence, lack of education, occupation, Lithuanian language skills, daily living skills; external problems of the Lithuanian integration system includes lack of access to services, particular attention is not paid to the individual needs of aliens granted asylum, cultural differences, domination of negative attitudes towards aliens granted asylum in the host society. In order to solve individual problems of persons granted asylum and issues of the integration system, it is recommended to promote social activeness of persons granted asylum, inter-institutional cooperation, develop social dialogue between foreigners and Lithuanian society, organize activities focused on mutual interaction.


asylum seeker; refugee; subsidiary protection; granted asylum; integration; integration problems

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