The Concepts of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Training of Professors Implementing the Study Programme of Educology of Entrepreneurship

Jolita Dudaitė, Gintautė Žibėnienė


The article discusses the concept of entrepreneurship and the concept of entrepreneurial training of professors implementing the study programme of educology of entrepreneurship. Theoretical research methods were applied: literature review and document analysis. The collection of empirical data was done with structured interviews. Analysis of empirical data included analysis of the obtained data on the basis of qualitative content analysis. The article presents different definitions of the concepts of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial training. Empirical research highlighted two positions into which, according to the professors, the concept of entrepreneurship can be divided: linking entrepreneurship to personal qualities and skills that are targeted specifically for business development and support, and the linking of entrepreneurship with the general characteristics of a mature personality and skills to function more successfully in today’s society. These two positions are closely related to the concept of entrepreneurship training also in two directions: one focused on a targeted education, related specifically to business-oriented skills and personal character development, and the other focused on universal, comprehensive character training, helping to reveal the strongest personal qualities and person’s ability to develop in a wide sense.


entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial training; high school

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