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The article presents a quality research – a interview performed in 2018, which involved representatives of general education school management and teachers, as well as 7-12 grade gymnasium students and their parents. To analyze the interview, the content analysis was adapted, (Krippendorff, 1980, Mayring, 2000, Bitinas, Rupšienė, Žydžiūnaitė, 2008,) which allowed to make conclusions based on the analyzed text. The current study is a part of the research “The Conception of School Community of General Education School Progress in terms of the Good School Concept”.
There wear any research made which would let make prognoses how school’s communities in Lithuania (teachers, administration, parents and students) might respond to innovations, which are important for school’s progress. The article addresses the scientific problem the lack of research into what innovations, in terms of mainstream school communities, are important to school progress. The problematic questions are: what innovations, as important to the school’s progress, are distinguished by the various school community groups?
How do school community members relate school innovation to school progress?
This is why research object – general education school’s communities’ attitude to innovation is important to their school’s progress.
After analyzing schools’ administrations’, teachers’, students’ and then parents answers about the most important and most needed innovations in schools, we can separate them to two groups 1) ones which are connected to school’s community’s involvement; 2) those which involves materialistic and financial side of school’s improvement.
Representatives of schools’ administration and teachers connect innovations, which are important for school’s development with events, participation in projects, development of learning process and teaches’ qualifications growth. Also with a system to measure personal achievement and progress, community’s ability to communicate and work together, renovation of school’s space and last, but not least, administration’s willingness to Purchased new, innovative equipment.
However, students, parents emphasize, that changes have to be made for school’s progress. For example, school’s communities have to work on improvement of the educational programs, process and teachers qualification. What is more, community which is ready to work together has to be formed. They agreed with a need to renovate spaces and get more modern technologies. Students also expressed their opinion on this topic and they choose renovation, changes in learning processes and technologies as their main solutions in order how to improve their school.


innovations, school progress, teachers, students, parents, school community.

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