Teacher’s Attitudes towards Integration of Disabled Children at General Education Schools Download (downloaded - 79)

Stasė Ustilaitė, Ieva Kuginytė-Arlauskienė, Lina Valančiūtė


The article seeks to answer the following problematic questions: how environment affects education of children with disabilities, how significant the integration of disabled children is to the psychosocial development of the educatees and what possibilities a disabled child has in the integration process.
The analysis of the data shows that the physical conditions of the environment that exists at general education schools satisfies the needs of disabled children only partly. When estimating the psychosocial environment, it comes to light that some disabled children actively take part in school life, whereas others are ignored and mocked by their peers. The results of the research show that there are positive examples connected with the adaptation of a socioeducational environment: pedagogues understand the significance of improvement of their qualification, necessity of mutual cooperation of different specialists and the possibility to acquire special methodological help and, on the other hand, one of the most urgent problems—the need and help of specialists.
Analyzing the attitudes regarding possibility of participation of a disabled child in the process of integration, pedagogues diverged into two groups: those who approve of active and those who approve of limited participation of a child. Possibilities for active participation of children in the integration process are the following: possibility to choose tasks during lessons, self-evaluation, taking responsibility for the performed activity, meetings of parents, pedagogues and pupils. The reasons that limit possibilities of disabled children to take part actively are: individual development of a child, character of a disability and lack of cooperation between parents and pedagogues.


disabled child; integration; attitudes of pedagogues; secondary school

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