Demand for Business Psychologist Services at Enterprises

Viktoras Justickis, Vidminas Dauderys


The paper focuses upon the psychological factors determining the magnitude of the demand of business enterprises for the services of psychologists. Studies led by the authors in 2007–2011 are reviewed. These studies involved 845 heads and other leading persons, representing 237 business enterprises, belonging to 18 of the most important branches of the country’s economy. The reviewed studies provided an assessment of the general level and structure of the demand for psychologist services and to reveal the psychological factors affecting it.
The most important outcomes: the interrogated leading persons in business enterprises assessed the necessity of psychological services as very high; the necessity of psychological services is universal (1. they are needed in all branches of business; 2. every aspect of business enterprise needs it); important reserves for further increase of demand for psychological service were discovered; psychological factors showing statistically significant interconnections with the demand under study were revealed. The directions for further improvement of the training of business psychologists have been discussed.


business psychologist; services of business psychologist; demand for services of business psychologist; psychological factors of demand for service of business psychologist; education of business psychologist

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