Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Social Work Practice

Alina Petrauskienė


Social workers working with professionals from different fields are obliged to recognize and evaluate the structure of interdiscipline collaboration which determine process effectiveness, modernization of client services and professional development. The article is trying to highlight the components of interdiscipline collaboration and elements (factors) as well as their aspects in social work practice. Problem questions are raised to reach the objective: What structure components and elements (factors) of interdiscipline collaboration are significant for social work practice? What is the role of social workers in the collaboration process with health care specialists? What characteristics emphasize the interaction between social workers and medicians? The components of interdiscipline collaboration (interdependence; new activities created by professionals; flexibility; collective goal ownership; reflection of cooperation process) and factors (elements) (professional role, structural characteristics, personal features, cooperation development) as well as presented characteristics of social workers in collaboration with specialists from health care are distinguished according to science literature.


interdisciplinary collaboration; interprofessional team; collaboration structure

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