The Use of Active Teaching Methods at Higher Schools in Legal Education Classes

Romas Prakapas, Julija Avinaitė


This article presents survey data on active teaching methods in legal education courses at higher schools. The presented scientific and practical problem is what these active methods are and how to apply them in legal education lectures and seminars and how students evaluate them. The object of this research is the application of active teaching methods. The goal is to reveal the state of active teaching methods in higher education implementing legal education. Various scientific methods have been applied during the research in order to achieve the set purpose and to formulate conclusions and recommendations. The main methods used in the research are: the literature analysis and an anonymous student’s survey. Collected data was processed by a computer program MS SPSS for Windows 7. Questionnaire survey data processing is based on quantitative analysis. In order to obtain generalization, analysis of the data access was chosen using probability simple random sampling (N = 402). According to the survey, the active methods, while teaching students critical thinking, form the legal education courses during the application of active learning techniques that improve the students' higher-level thinking, collaboration skills, interest promotion in the substance of instruction, involvement in the process of study and practical application of theoretical knowledge. Students’ critical thinking and independence in the learning process were trained as well. It is argued that active learning methods in the learning process depend on the teacher’s preparation and ability to apply them to students to work through the pre-active teaching methods and the study participants' learning differences. The analysis indicates that only one or more active teaching methods are used in the subjects of legal education, and in order to develop student’s abilities comprehensively, for more diverse active learning techniques it is required to take into account different student’s needs.


active teaching methods; legal education; higher school

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