The structure of the competence of a social worker to act in the community

Justinas Sadauskas, Irena Leliūgienė


In the first part of this article, the characteristics of the activities of a social worker in the community are analysed. In the second part, the structure of the competences of a social worker who acts in the community are presented. A social worker who, through the communal act, tries to reach the main aims of community work, namely to create and strengthen the competences, knowledge and motivation of local people enabling them to solve the problems of the community and to implement the practice of prevention in order to deal with the sources of social problems, enhances the welfare of the members of the community. The research was performed in a form of an analysis of scientific literature. The results of the research show that the structure of the competences to act in the community consists of social, intercultural and analytical competences, professional capabilities, knowledge of the process of social assistance and experience of work with special groups of clients as well as respect to the main values of social work.


community social work; competence; competence to act in the community

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