The role of a school leader in assuring the quality of education services

Odeta Merfeldaitė, Valdonė Indrašienė


The focus on quality gives a possibility for organizations to achieve better operational results. According to various surveys, in order to reach a long-term operational process, the assurance of the quality of operational results and gain strong positions in the market, an organization has to apply one of the most progressive means—quality management, which should become the key goal of the organization. Assurance and improvement of quality in a school of general education is one of the main priorities of the education policy of the Republic of Lithuania. Schools execute the assessment of operational quality by applying various evaluation measures, forms and instruments. One of the most important roles in assuring the quality of an organization is attributed to its leader. Therefore, the authors of the present article analyse school leaders’ attitude towards change opportunities and the peculiarities of the evaluation of education services.


quality; operational quality; learning organization; education

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