Cultural governance in the context of social effects

Audronė Pauliukevičiūtė, Alvydas Raipa


The article examines cultural governance in the context of social effects. The theories of cultural philosophy explore the need for cultural governance in the social context by considering the human being as a fundamental element of any activity. The social environment affects the development of cultural governance during a crisis. In the context of its prospects, the priority of conception application in the field of strategic management and the management of human resources becomes clearer; what is more, life-long learning and qualification improvement of staff in the field of culture, while searching for the result-oriented socially meaningful and efficient culture governance, is guaranteed.
In the second part of the article, the authors discuss the data of an expert interview survey and the development opportunities for staff in the field of culture as the key conditions for guaranteeing their purposeful activity.


cultural governance; social effects; cultural philosophy; human resources

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