Expectations for qualities of children to be developed in the family

Alfonsas Algimantas Mitrikas


In the present article, the author discusses the formation of expected qualities of children in Lithuania in the context of the experience of European and other countries, with reference to the European Values research of 1999-2001 and the Lithuanian Values research of 2005. The view and changes of the qualities of a child are analysed using information on the following qualities: 1) good manners, 2) independence, 3) hard work, 4) responsibility, 5) imagination, 6) tolerance and respect for other people, 7) thrift, 8) determination, perseverance, 9) religious faith, 10) unselfishness and 11) obedience.
The first part of the article focuses on changes in the evaluation of children’s qualities in Lithuania in 1990–2005. The second part presents differences in expected qualities and their changes, firstly of in Europe. In conclusion, the article attempts to define possible qualities of children in the near future.


values; qualities of a child; expected qualities of children; types of the qualities of a child

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