Relations of special needs children with school community members

Ieva Kuginytė-Arlauskienė, Raselė Jakaitienė


The present article deals with the peculiarities of the relationships that children with special needs face while interacting with the members of their school community. The object of the research is the relationships of children with special needs in secondary school communities. An analysis of the pattern of communication between the two parties and the arising problems is carried out; the attitude of teachers towards the integration of children with special needs into the community is depicted. The research is based on the scientific work performed by national and foreign scientists as well as on the authors’ own empirical data.
The legal basis of the Lithuanian educational system regulates its main aspects and enables the educational environment to correspond to the capabilities of children. However, in schools there still exist cases when children with special needs are not accepted as equal members of the communities and, as a consequence, a lack of communication develops. This research shows that a more intensive collaboration between parents and teachers is needed, while specialist support is missing as well.


integration; children with special needs; special education; school community; special educational needs

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